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Did you mean to say nopeseptic?

Melanie Mercadante (Lead Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist) of Nopesetic is a young musician out of Algonac, MI who’s been playing and writing her own music ever since she can remember. In 2019, she recorded her first EP at the Sound Shop studio, and amidst the pandemic, she started to venture into production and recording her own music. Her next EP, the Kathleen Hanna Julie Ruin record-inspired “Self Sabotage or Liberation?” was her first test of the waters as far as bedroom recording goes, but her 2022 release “Super Power Mega Sour” is where it all clicked. Written and produced in her childhood bedroom, this album was her first step into fully immersing her quirks and special brand of humor into her music. She took this opportunity to incorporate her own visual styles as well, as she holds a BFA in Graphic Design. Post-album release show, new additions were added to the project, forming a full band that jams on the regular and loves to gig. This line-up includes: Doug Penrod on Bass, Aly Seabee on background vocals and keys, Craig Cecchini on guitar, and Shawn Zohr on Drums. They are currently in the process of recording a new album so there’s a lot to look forward to 2024 and beyond!

Sleepy Conscience

Self-Sabotage or Liberation? (2020)

Super Power Mega Sour (2022)

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